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Kaisai Heat pump

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The Kaisai heat pump is an ecological heating system that is expanding its group of supporters year after year. Its operation is based on drawing thermal energy from the natural environment (water, air or ground) and using it, by means of thermodynamic transformations, for heating or cooling the building as well as for production of hot municipal water. Therefore, the pump does not generate heat, but only transfers it from the lower source (surrounding the building) to the upper source (heating system). It can be used in single-family, multi-family or commercial buildings – in shops, offices or commercial premises. The Heat pump heating is currently the best heating available on the market.






Heat pump application benefits

On the one hand, the air to water pump is associated with taking care of nature (you can obtain up to 80% of energy from the outdoor air without emitting pollutants) but, on the other hand it is associated with low operating costs (expenses related to space and municipal water heating can decrease even by four times). The multifunctional nature of the pump, which heats the building in winter and cools it in summer, should be emphasised. Installation of the heat pump provides many benefits. The possibility of adjusting the operation of the system to the individual needs of users (in terms of indoor temperature and desired parameters of hot municipal water) is also a great comfort.

Modern Kaisai heat pumps

The AS Energy’s offer includes the air to water pumps, including the Split and Monobloc heat pumps. This equipment operates quietly, has a compact design and due to the use of an inverter compressor it is efficient and energy-saving. The coefficient of performance (COP) amounts to even 5.20. An intelligent automation system protects the heat pump from damage. The hydrophilic coating of the aluminium heat exchangers increases their resistance to corrosion. What is important, the pump adjusts the heating power to the demand of a specific system. Moreover, the Eco Home products of the ARCTIC series use the R32 refrigerant which is particularly environmentally friendly and more efficient in extreme conditions. The Kaisai equipment can be controlled remotely with smartphone or tablet which is a convenient way to manage its operation.

Heat pump and PV system – a good team

The heat pumps also work perfectly with a photovoltaic system. The PV system can power the pump by using the electric energy surplus that was previously fed into the grid. The PV system can power the pump by using the electric energy surplus that was previously fed into the grid. In this way you can recover up to 80% of the energy and use it to support the Kaisai heat pump. This solution works particularly well in winter.