Heat pump Kaisai

Kaisai is the own brand of the Klima-Therm group which has been operating in the HVACR industry for over 20 years providing advanced air conditioning, ventilation, cooling and heating solutions. Due to many years of investments in technology, the Kaisai equipment is considered to be one of the most innovative air conditioning products in residential and public facilities. At the same time, they fulfil market requirements and consumer expectations in terms of ecology, safety, energy savings, quiet operation, comfort and warranty.






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The KAISAI Arctic heat pumps belong to the new series of products that stand out for its wide range of outdoor temperatures. The users of the KAISAI Arctic heat pump appreciate its much quieter outdoor unit structure than in case of other models. It is the air to water heat pump that draws energy from the air and converts it for the purposes of heating or cooling the building as well as for heating the municipal water. The KAISAI Arctic model not only allows for the connection of up to 16 units via the MODBUS protocol but also gives the possibility to connect up to 6 units in a cascade system.

The KAISAI Arctic air to water heat pump has a USB port so that its software can be regularly updated and the most user-friendly settings can be saved. The ComfortHome application (for tablets and smartphones) allows to control the flow and municipal water temperatures remotely. The user can also switch the zones and control the level of electric energy consumption with the ComfortHome application. The Eco Home – Split (KHA+KMK) heat pump is ideal for homeowners as well as shops, offices and commercial premises.

The installation of heat pumps of this type is flexible and the structure itself gives access to all hydraulic components. At the same time, however, the cooling connection between the outdoor and indoor units is resistant to freezing even during a long-standing power failure. An additional refrigerant charge is only required if the length of the refrigerant lines is exceeds 15 m.

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The Eco Home – Split heat pump has a very compact structure and an independent indoor unit. The installation of the Split heat pumps is compact and intuitive. Due to this fact the said heat pump model forms an interesting alternative for homeowners, shopkeepers, commercial premises, catering and public utility buildings.

Due to its structure, the Split heat pump ensures an easy access to all hydraulic components. It is also resistant to low temperatures – the cooling connection between the indoor and outdoor unit is resistant to frost even when the heat pump is not powered for a long time. The use of additional charge is only required if the length of refrigerant lines exceeds 15 m.

Pompa ciepla Kaisai Eco-Home-Arctic-1040x1050-6kW-


The Monobloc heat pump is an air to water pump that draws and converts the energy contained in the air into the energy needed to heat or cool buildings. This type of air to water pump is also used to heat municipal water. Its popularity is based on the fact that it forms a reliable, ecological and cheap source of heating.

The KHC KAISAI heat pumps do not require any additional piping because the refrigerant is installed entirely within the indoor unit. At the same time, their two-door structure ensures an easy access to indoor structural components. The KAISAI KHC heat pumps also have an intuitive user interface that allows to easily change the pump parameters and view them in real time. The pump is equipped with a communication cable of up to 50 m in length due to which its installation is easy.

The air to water pumps operate in wide temperature ranges. They achieve high parameters of space and water heating while working effectively at low outdoor temperatures. The KASAI KHC heat pumps do not emit harmful substances, they are maintenance-free and safe. Therefore they are perfect for new and renovated houses. They are used in both private and commercial buildings where they are equally well used as heat pumps for companies.