If you cannot install solar components on the roof of the building, you can also use them on the ground by piling. In this way you will effectively use the available space and gain easier access to the installation. Our systems are suitable for all known soil classes – we provide safe anchoring even on demanding surfaces. The system components are made of high quality galvanized steel galvanized steel or coated with Magnelis coating with anti-corrosive properties. As a result, they are stable and resistant to damage, being an ideal set for the construction of solar farms or roofing. We have single-support constructions in the vertical arrangement and two-support constructions in the horizontal arrangement.

Single support construction for two panels vertically

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Konstrukcja jednopodporowa na dwa panele w ukladzie pionowym
Double support construction for four panels horizontally

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Konstrukcja dwupodporowa na cztery panele uklad poziomy